Integrated Facility Management Services

REFIX delivers best-in-class Integrated facility Management solutions that includes a comprehensive work order management system, reliable service provider network, and complete program visibility to help you achieve your operational efficiency, sustainability, workplace experience goals, uncovers insights, and generates cost-saving opportunities beneficial to any business with multiple sites.  Our Integrated FM solution is driven by data insights that mitigate downtime, support preventative maintenance, and actuate unceasing improvement.

An IFM solution from REFIX centralizes technical services within the FM solution and minimizes the need for outside contractors. Through a self-delivery model, REFIX coordinates all building operations and maintenance (O&M).

Our approach as a centralized single outsourced service provider enables us to provide complete and planned asset protection and a specific service delivery plan. Our integrated facilities management services are delivered by our in-house fleet of experienced Technicians, Engineers and Nominated approved partners.

Range of Services:

  1. Electrical Systems
  2. Plumbing Systems
  3. Infrastructure & Utilities Management
  4. Building Management Systems (BMS)
  5. Total Energy Management
  6. Fixed & Mobile Solutions
  7. Emergency Generation & UPS System
  8. HVAC Systems
  9. Lifeguards
  10. Housekeeping & Cleaning Services
  11. Waste Management
  12. Hygiene Services
  13. Help Desk
  14. Premises Management
  15. Materials & Stores
  16. Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting system
  17. Lift Systems
  18. Low Current Systems
  19. CCTV and Access Control System
  20. Security Services
  21. Generator maintenance
  22. Water Tanks Cleaning
  23. Façade Cleaning
  24. Move In/ Move Out – Painting/carpentry/MEP works
  25. Total Facilities Management Services
  26. Facility & Home Maintenance Solutions
  27. Mold Remediation and Duct Cleaning


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